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12 December of 2017 by

One of the products introduced at IFA 2017 was the updated Lenovo Yoga 920 transformer. We already shared the first impressions from the model and tested the past version of the laptop . It’s time to assess the scale of the changes that have occurred over the year and tell about the new laptop more.

Models in the line: 10

Design, bundle

At first glance, with respect to Yoga 910, in 920 there is practically no external changes. The model comes in a beautiful box of a familiar design – two “covers” recline inside and the laptop rises slightly, so as to be closer to the user. The bundle of sales versions will include a compact power supply and a stylus that recognizes 4096 degrees of depression.

Actually, there is a change. The box is now not white, but colorful, the palette of colors available for the laptop has also changed. You can choose from the usual silver, bronze and copper.

We got the last option. It can be described as something in between the already familiar “gold”, but with an admixture of pink – if normally applied to popular earlier gold (or champagne) devices, then you will surely like it.


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