Microsoft acknowledged that in games the battery Surface Book 2 can be discharged even when the charger is connected

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The owners of the new 15-inch Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptops face a problem that manifests itself in the depletion of battery power when running games or performing other high-end tasks. When using a complete battery charger, the energy of the battery is consumed faster than replenished from the network. This problem occurs in some games when the High Performance option is selected in the power plan settings.

Microsoft acknowledged this problem. A representative of the company said that at high loads and selecting the “High performance” mode, the battery of Surface Book 2 can be discharged with the complete power supply connected. However, the power management system is designed in such a way to prevent complete exhaustion of the charge, and the user could continue to work or play.

The degree of battery depletion is different in different games, this depends on the resolution of the image and the load on the graphics subsystem. As the journalists of The Verge note, during the testing of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 laptop it was established that for launching games it is required to set the mode “High performance”. With other settings that conserve battery power more economically, there is a rapid drop in performance.

Apparently, the 15-inch Surface Book 2 laptop is designed to work with a charger capable of transmitting 95 watts of power, but at high loads the device goes beyond this limit. In such cases, the total power consumption of the processor, video card and other components exceeds the capacity of the charger and the battery gives more power than it manages to replenish from the outlet. So, only one processor under load requires 25 watts of power, and in some modes its power consumption reaches 35 watts. The used NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card consumes from 70 W to 80 W of power under load. Thus, only these two components in peak loads require up to 105 watts of energy, which is already more than the capabilities of the charger. But after all, other components of the system also need energy for work. So the power of the charger simply does not match the total consumption of the components of the laptop. In order to cope with this imbalance, Microsoft is aggressively using the trotline mode for the GPU when running games in the “Balanced” and “Energy Saving” modes. But in the “High performance” mode, it seems that trotling is not activated.

According to The Verge, trotling in more economical modes appears 10 minutes after the start of the game, as a result, the device becomes less suitable for gaming applications. For example, in some games, the refresh rate of the image is reduced from 60 frames per second to 30 frames per second. Although a number of games normally allow playing with economical power settings, for example, Destiny 2 becomes extremely unplayable.

As shown by measurements, in resource-intensive games, the depletion of the battery power in the laptop, even with the charger connected, is carried out at a rate of 10% or more per hour.

Source: The Verge


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