# CES | Razer Company introduced the concept of a laptop with three screens

13 January of 2018 by

As part of the CES 2017, many manufacturers presented us with completely crazy gadgets and incredible electronic novelties. Known among gamers American company Razer has brought to the exhibition concept of its new laptop, which boasts of having not one, but as many as three 17-inch displays. The project is codenamed Project Valerie, but not the fact that this title will receive a product that eventually will hit the market.

You do not need to be a genius in the forehead to understand: the size of this laptop, and especially its thickness, will be quite impressive. The laptop will weigh more than 5 kilograms. After you open the laptop, you can push the two additional displays to the sides and fix them with special latches, thereby obtaining a wide screen consisting of three 17-inch dies and providing a 180 degree view to the player. Each display is made using IGZO technology and supports 4K resolution. The image on them will be synchronized using NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

The notebook will be equipped with a low-profile mechanical keyboard , an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8 gigabytes of video memory, 32 gigabytes of RAM, and an advanced cooling system. Given that the single-screen Razer Blade Pro laptop costs 3,700 dollars, it can be assumed that a three-screen “monster” will cost potential buyers $ 6,000, or even more. Of course, for now all this is just an experimental concept. Therefore, it is not a fact that Razer generally decides to release such a laptop on the market.


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