Apple delays the output of the 12-inch iPad Pro until September

13 January of 2018 by

Apple moved the start of mass production of a large iPad in September 2015. The finished version, according to industry sources, will get a USB 3.0 connector, as well as support for an external computer mouse and keyboard. The new tablet will be called iPad Pro and will be equipped with a 12.2-inch screen, which is much larger than the size of the iPad mini and Air.

It is expected that the iPad Pro will compete with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in the segment of large-screen tablets, which replaced the full-fledged laptops. Such devices are intended not only for the consumption of content, but also for its creation.

An anonymous source familiar with Apple’s plans told The Wall Street Journal that the California company is continuing to refine some of the features of the larger iPad. So, in the new tablet will be implemented faster data transfer technology USB 3.0.

It is reported that additional ports will be used to connect the keyboard and mouse. It is difficult to explain such a step, because a wired connection could easily be replaced by a wireless one. Especially since Apple is gradually refusing connectors and disk drives.

According to the source, the company is also working on a technology to reduce the time of charging the tablet, but it remains unclear whether these features will receive a new iPad.

The business edition of Bloomberg also confirmed Apple’s plans to produce a large iPad, which, according to its informant, will go into mass production not earlier than September this year. The source said that initially Apple hoped to release an increased iPad in the current quarter.

To cope with the drop in sales, observed four quarters in a row, and keep their position in the market, Apple needs to release a really new iPad, which could surprise everyone. Last year, the company disappointed customers when it offered them an iPad mini 3, which is almost the same as its predecessor. Slightly oppressed tablets and 5.5-inch smartphone iPhone 6 Plus.

Transferring the release of the iPad Pro for September also allows Apple to fully focus on the smart watch Watch, whose premiere is expected during a special event on March 9 .


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